Not just a forum - it's your virtual watercooler!

A friendly, informal, and searchable chat forum for your team, where ideas that normally require hallway or lunch hour interactions can flow freely.

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What Makes wtBoard Better?

The Flow

Focus on conversations, not buckets.

Other forum solutions divide your community or team into buckets. This can be challenging for a small group - wtBoard solves this by bringing everyone together on the same page. Everyone can see what everyone else is talking about, and they can join in or talk about something else as they see fit.

The Medium

The subject is the message, unless you need more space.

With 150 characters available in the subject line, and many more in the optional message area, you can have the best of both worlds - snappy microblogging in the subject, and detailed macroblogging in the message.

The Simplicity

The interface is clean and responsive.

For the sake of simplicity and security, wtBoard is primarily a text-based experience. Features inline hyperlinks, avatars, and image uploads are in the pipeline, but will only be added when the implementation is clean, simple, and safe.

The Roll

Frequent cleansing action is the key.

The board "rolls" when a certain number of posts are made: The next top-level post triggers the creation of a clean and new chatboard, ready to soak up more conversations. Previous conversations are sometimes said to be LIR (Lost In Roll) as a way to keep them active on the new board, but only if they are interesting enough to warrant continued discussion.

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Extra Info

Active Sites

SlackerTalk (beta.slackertalk.com)

Since 2008, SlackerTalk has been the home of a small but passionate community of friends.

Spurred on by unwelcome changes to a pre-existing service, I created the wtBoard platform to provide a home for our community. We were originally brought together by a movie-themed virtual stock trading game, and our members come from all walks of life. The topic is anything and everything, and the conversation is always fresh.

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